Lemmikkien Lomakoti

Individual, homely and loving care for your beloved pet, since 1986.

Phone: 040 672 7000 (Mon-Sun at 9-21)
E-mail: lemmikkienlomakoti@gmail.com
Address: Korpikyläntie 272, 61980 Päntäne (Kauhajoki)

Rescue services

We provide services in accordance with Section 15 of the Animal Welfare Act for dogs, cats and other small companion animals found in the city of Kauhajoki.

Food and Supplies

We also run a small animal supply store in Kauhajoki. Florican - Pet Shop is open on Fridays 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm and Saturdays 12:00 am - 3:00 pm at Hyypäntie 27.



Lemmikkien Lomakoti is the oldest and the most comprehensive pet care centre in Ostrobothnia. We provide homely accommodation and individual care for all pets.

Pet care with love for over 30 years.

With small deeds, even you can contribute to a better future for animals.


We have helped hundreds, maybe thousands, of animals

Over the years we have helped hundreds of lost pets to find their way back home or given them a new life and a loving home.


Over 30 years 

We have been caring for animals for over 30 years.


Every day of the year

We are available every day throughout the year.

Contact us

Fill out the form and submit. We will reply to you as soon as possible. You can leave e.g. a call back request or an inquiry regarding pet care.